Multifunctional Automatic Case Making Machine

Thousands of ST machines installed all over the world can prove our superior quality and reliable service, which can also provide the different shape
\hardcover case solutions for the customer, such as round corner, arc, triangle, trapezium, T shape, S shape, with window, etc.

High-Speed Digital Automatic Case Making Machine

ST is always dedicated ourselves to keep innovating of the case making machine, the smart digital malfunction can change the
format intelligently and automatically, improve the working efficiency greatly.

Automatic Case Lining Machine

More reasonable structure and operational principle, fit for your more precise and higher efficiency requirement on the inner paper pasting for the hardcover
case, innovation function, such as two-channel lining and magnet pasting, you never miss.

Automatic Paper Board Slitting Machine

It's time to choose the paperboard slitter to instead of the paper cutting machine, smooth kerf, high precision, labor-saving,
good efficiency, that is what you need.

Postpress and Bookbinding Machine

ST owns more than 20 years' experience with the improvements and performance in the field of postpress and
bookbinding, we supply the more reliable and advanced solutions for you.

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