automatic case making machine

ST036B automatic case making machine applicable for making the hard case for the hardcover book, stationery item and luxury packaging box..etc, the stable speed can be 1800-1500pcs/h and the max case size can be 680x400mm, the mini case size can be 100x45mm. With the mechanical system for driving by the cam, the position can be more accurately and the machine is more stable and durable. Compared with other case making machines, ST036B automatic case making machine is the multi-functional model, which can be suitable for all the cases not only for the standard straight corner from 1-7 separate boards but also can be for round corners as well as the different shape cases such as arc, triangle, trapezium..etc. So far ST has installed thousands of case making machines both in China and overseas countries, which have received the very good feedback and responses due to the great stability and helping expand more business opportunities. At any time. ST will keep innovation continuously and creat the maxium profits for our customers..etc.

Equipment Features

ST036B automatic case making machine cam position system
Cam position system
Can improve the machine stability and position precisely
ST036B automatic case making machine cover feeding device
Cover feeding device
Can produce the gold and silver paper, speciality paper, PU, binding cloth, PP..etc to meet the different requirement
automatic case making machine board feeder device
Multi-functional board feeder device
Can produce the different thickness of 1-5mm grey board from 1-7 separated panels, thus enlarging the product ranges.
automatic case making machine glue system
Multi-funtional glue system
Can make the different thickness cover glue evenly and thinly,thus saving the production cost and improve the case quality
ST036B automatic case making machine glue melting device
Separated glue melting device
Can make the glue melting more even and improve the case making quality
ST036B automatic case making machine soft spine device
Soft spine device
Can solve the soft spine production problem, applicable Making the round back hardcover book and notebook..etc.

Equipment Video

Production Flow Chart

ST036B R.Z Automatic Case Making Machine production flow

Equipment Parameters

· Machine Parameter

· Overall size · 3500×3500×2000(mm)
· E-controller size · 1120×560×980(mm)
· Weight · 4500kg
· Voltage · 380/220V
· Power · 10.4kw
· Speed · 10-36(pcs/min)
· Machine color · red and beige


· Technology Parameter

· Max case size · 680×400(mm)
· Min case size · 150×110(mm)
· for special size · 100×55(mm)
· Center board size(X) · 6-100(mm)
· Board thickness · 1-5(mm)
· Gutter width(W) · 3-14(mm)


1. The Max. and Min. sizes of the cases are subjected to the sizes and quality of the paper.
2. The speed of the machine depends on the sizes of the cases.
3. We don’t provide air compressor.


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