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ST Machinery has been dedicated to case making machines and other supporting equipment since its establishment in 1998. We have our own international overseas technical team to support our customers with machines and after-sales services. At ST, we provide the high quality automatic case making machine, case lining machine, board slitter, and other machinery for different industries such as hardcover books, diaries, lever files, calendars, gift boxes, and luxury packaging boxes. We also have reliable customized services to help customers for offering various collapsible box making solutions

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Thousands of ST machines installed all over the world have proved our superior quality and reliable service, ST case making machine, case lining machine, board slitter..etc have been widely applicable in the hardcover book, diary, lever arch file, table calendar, gift box and luxury packaging box..etc. Over the years, we have helped our customers solve the various kinds of case making solutions such as smaller size, different shape, window folding, collapsible box side wing..etc, all these inventions have become the first one in the industry.

automatic case making machine
ST036XL Automatic Case Making Machine
ST036B R.Z Long Automatic Case Making Machine
automatic case making machine
ST036B Automatic Case Making Machine

ST060H High Speed Case Making Machine
ST060D Digital Case Making Machine
ST015D Digital Casing-in Machine

ST040PP+MP Automatic Case Lining Machine with Magnet Pasting Machine
ST040PP Automatic Case Lining Machine
ST036L Visual Positioning Case Lining Machine

ST086AA Automatic Board Slitting Machine(Full Line)
ST086 Paper Board Slitting Machine
ST086A Automatic Paper Board Slitting Machine

ST1018A Vertical Press Stacker
ST1018A KS Vertical Press Stacker
ST055PE Hot Stamping Machine

Shengtu Machinery Acquires Chinese Screen Printer Manufacturer



Amazingly Creative & Innovative Design Potential Expressed In Printing And Packaging.


Let The Value Share And Record The Footsteps Of Enterprise Development. Knowledge of automatic case making machine.

wine box making solution

Liquor Box, Wine Box Making Solution

When it comes to presenting Liquor, and wine, the packaging can speak for everything. To give the best and most high-end impression, the Liquor packaging and wine should stand out as much as the product itself. As for us, ST Machinery have been always dedicated to providing the most professiona

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