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ST Machinery, also known as Guangdong Shengtu Intelligent Equipment Co.,Ltd, is the leading manufacturer of printing and packaging equipment. Since our establishment in 1998, we have been developing the cost-effective and reliable post-press machineries including our popular automatic case making machines, casing in machines, case lining machines, paper board slitters, hot stamping machines..etc.

Our company is a truly global organisation where we have exported our machineries to more than 80 countries worldwide such as Italy, Spain, Portugal, Hungary, Russia, Australia, USA, Mexico, Brazil, Turkey, Iran, UAE, Israel, Saudi Arabia, Egypt, Ethiopia, Sudan, Algeria..etc. While our roots are from China, we have invested significantly in our R&D and conducted rigorous tests to ensure all our equipment are manufactured in accordance to international standards and in great operational flexibility as well and high process reliability, thus achieving the register accuracy.

Innovation and creativity will continue to be our focus points for the years to come. Our team of engineers and dedicated specialists form the core of our business and will continue to work closely with our customers to deliver quality post-press solutions.

ST Machinery as a profession case making machine manufacturer has always been at the forefront of superior precison in mechannical engineering. ST Machinery will continue to uphold these values and endeavour to bring our products to greater heights.

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case making machine manufacturer
case making machine manufacturer


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