Development Course,witness every step

1998                  Establish second hand Shengtu Bookbinding

1998                  Establish second hand Shengtu Bookbinding

2005                  Launching ST036S Automatic Case Making Machine

2005-2008         Developing ST036B Automatic Case Making Machine
                          Developing ST040PP Automatic Case Lining Machine

2008                  Launching ST036B/S Case Making Machine+ST040PP Case Lining Machine production line,
                          The first case making machine manufacturer in the world for launching the hardcover production line.

2008-2011         Developing ST060H High-Speed Case Making Machine

2009                  Developing the different shape case solution, becoming the first case making machine 
                          Manufacturer in the world for achieving the technology patent.

2011                  Developing the round corner case solution as the first case making machine manufacturer for launching the technology

2012                  Drupa for ST036B R-Z Long Automatic Case Making Machine to display“L”shape

2013                  Developing ST036XL Automatic Case Making Machine for the packaging box application 
                          Developing ST055PE Automatic Hot Stamping Machine

2015                  Developing the first generation ST060D Digital Case Making Machine
                          Developing ST086A Automatic Paper Board Slitting Machine

                          Launching “T Shape” window folding box solution

2016                  Second time at Drupa for“T”shape case with arc window folding box solution, collapsible box side wing solution

2017                  Second generation for “4 heads”Digital Case Making Machine at“China Print” 

2018                  Shengtu “Internet of things”

2019                  ST015D Digital Photobook Casing-in Machine
                          ST060D Digital Case Making Machine upgraded solution

                          Collapsible box side wing upgraded solutionn

2020                  Acquiring Shanghai S.C.T screen press machine manufacturer in China
                          Photobook upgraded solution

2021                  Launching ST036L Visual Positioning Case Lining Machine
                          Hardccover Machine+Case Lining Machine with Magnet Pasting Production line upgraded solution

2022                  Double case running at the same time, “Speed doubled” 

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