High Speed Case collapsible box Making Machine

ST060 series of case making machines are widely applicable for making the hard case for the hardcover book, stationery item and luxury packaging box and photo album..etc, the stable speed can be 3000pcs/h, with the automatic quick set-up device, the different format jobs can be make-ready within 5-10 minutes, which it can save the preparation time greatly and improve the production efficiency, thus ST060 series are suitable for making the case jobs for the short runs as well as the long runs. Meanwhile, they can also make the round corners with the PU, binding cloth, art paper materials..etc either for die-cutting the cover fingers or without die-cutting the cover fingers. With the increased labor cost and requirements for the higher output from our customers, we have increased the installations of the models both in China and overseas countries. ST015D is mainly applicable for casing in the photo album, photo book..etc in the digital areas, which can change the different format by seconds. With the quick set-up device and fast make ready function, it is suitable for the short runs digital production orders. ST060D and ST015D are the best choice for our customers to make the personalized digital photo books..etc in the market.

Equipment Features

High Speed Case Making Machine soft spine device
Soft spine device
Can solve the soft spine production problem, applicable Making the round back hardcover book and notebook..etc.
High speed case making machine soft glue system
Multi-funtional glue system
Can make the different thickness cover glue evenly and thinly,thus saving the production cost and improve the case quality
High speed case making machine format changing device
Automatic format changing device
Saving the make-ready time greatly compared with other brand case making machine
multifunctional automatic case making machine cam position system
Cam position system
Can improve the machine stability and position precisely
High speed case making machine cover feeding device
Cover feeding device
can produce the gold and silver paper, speciality paper,PU, binding cloth, PP..etc to meet the different requirement
High speed case making machine digital data storage
Digital data storage
can memorize the production data accordingly,thus saving the time for changing the job and improve the production efficiency
High speed case making machine grey board pre-stacking device
Grey board pre-stacking device
Pre-stacking the grey board, saving the labor intensity and improve the Production efficiency
High speed case making machine intelligent operation device
Intelligent operation device
Stable production speed can be 45-50pcs/min, improving the production efficiency and output.
High speed case making machine internet of things
Internet of things
can monitior the production status and convenient for the company production management
High speed case making machine separated glue melting device
Separated glue melting device
Can make the glue melting more even and improve the case making quality
High speed case making machine steel bending knife device
Steel bending knife device
Can make the nice and compact hardcover, applicable for round corner case making
High speed case making machine vscosity meter device
Viscosity meter device
can add the water automatically as per the production requirements and monitor the viscosity, thus convenient for the production

Equipment Video

Production Flow Chart

ST060H high speed case making machine production flow

Equipment Parameters

· Machine Parameter

· Overall size · 4200×4000×2200(mm)
· Weight · 4500(kg)
· Voltage · 380/220(V)
· Power · 14(kw)
· Speed · 15-55(pcs/min)
· Machine color · red and grey


· Technology Parameter

· Max case size · 680×380(mm)
· Min case size · 150×110(mm)
· Center board size(X) · 6-80(mm)
· Board thickness · 1-5(mm)
· Gutter width(W) · 4-17(mm)



1.The Max. and Min. sizes of the cases are subjected to the sizes and quality of the paper.
2.The speed of the machine depends on the sizes of the cases.
3.We don’t provide air compressor.


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