Digital Casing-in Machine

ST015D digital casing-in machine is mainly applicable for casing in the photo album, photo book..etc in the digital areas, which can change the different format by seconds. With the quick set-up device and fast make ready function, ST015D digital casing-in machine is suitable for the short runs digital production orders.Meanwhile, it is also equipped with the data storage function and code scanning function in order to well meet the production requirements for the photo book industry. Now ST015D digital casing-in machine has become the best choice for our customers to make the personalized digital photo books..etc in the market.

Equipment Features

Digital Casing-in Machine case feeding device
Case feeding device
Driving by the linear motor can improve the machine stability and run smoothly
Digital Casing-in Machine sparying gluning device
Spraying gluning device
Adopting the internationl most advanced Norson spraying system Makes it durable and stable
Digital Casing-in Machine creasing and pressing device
Creasing and pressing device
By adopting the pressing and hot creasing system to make the book cover and book block joint perfectly
Digital Casing-in Machine digital data storage
Digital data storage
can memorize the production data accordingly, thus saving the time for changing the job and improve the production efficiency
Digital Casing-in Machine format changing device
Automatic format changing device
Fast making-ready and quick set-up thus improving the working efficiency.
Digital Casing-in Machine intelligent system
Intelligent system
can be connected to the company internal system and make the production and management system more smart control
Digital Casing-in Machine position device
Position device
Mechanical positioning can make the position more Accurately, adopting the two code scaning systems can guarantee the perfect connection, thus ensuring zero loss

Equipment Video

Production Flow Chart

Digital Casing-in Machine production flow

Equipment Parameters

Machine Parameter

· Overall size · 4600x2000x1875mm
· Weight · 2500kg
· Voltage · 380/220v
· Power · 7.2kw
· Speed · 7-15pcs/min
· Machine color · red grey


· Technology Parameter

· Finished book width · 130-340mm
· Finished book height · 13-400mm
· Book block thickness · 4-300mm
· Case open width · 250-680mm
· Case open height · 130-400mm
· Case thickness · 1.5-4mm



1. The Max. and Min. sizes of the cases are subjected to the sizes and quality of the paper.
2. The speed of the machine depends on the sizes of the cases.
3. We don’t provide air compressor.


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