With the world’s latest design to keep space with the 360 degrees turn cylinder principle, the printing speed can be up to 4000pcs/h. This is the multi-functional line can be matched with the cold foil stamping unit and also the cold foil&cast cure unit..etc, thus the whole line can make Spot UV process, cold foil stamping as well as cast cure process..etc.

Equipment Features

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Equipment Parameters


Dimension 3750×3066×1717mm
Total power 9.8kw
Machine Weight 5500kg
Printing Speed 800-4000p/h
Frame Size 1300×1160mm
Thickness of Sheet 90-420gsm
Max.Printing Size 1050×740mm
Min.Sheet Size 560×350mm
Max.Sheet Size 1050×750mm



  • Onthe both sides of the machine are equipped with pushing lays and photoelectric monitors to meet both sides printing requirement for the paper of different weight, The accurate registration is insured by the pushing or drawing lays driven by the upper and lower cams, which can push and draw the printing sheets to the right position. According to different printing sheets, the use of pushing and drawing lays can be exchanged freely.
  • The pushing and drawing device on the screen master frame and the screen plate fine-adjusting device are used for setting the right screen frame position for the purpose of accurate registration.
  • The screen frame is designed to be a drawer and it can be drawn out as a whole. It is not only convenient for the cleaning, mounting and dismounting the frame, but also for the calibration and adjustment between the screen plate and the printed sheets.
  • Together with the screen frame the new designed drip tray is drawn out at the same time to prevent the remaining ink on the ink reclaiming blade and squeegee blade dropping onto the cylinder.
  • The new front stopper and flat press tongueDesign has replaced the tradition the hook front gauge,and the roller and brush feeding has replaced the tradition steel and glass ball feeding.And each roller and brush has a separate selg-locking worm adjusting device.The paper feeding table has the function of vacuum adsorption especially for the thin printing materials,so that the printing products can follow the paper table to the photoelectric tracking of the front gauge of the roller to guarantee the high-grade printing without scratches.
  • The machine can be running in sheet-fed or stream-fed mode according to different printing sheets. The feeding board with vacuum suction functions feeds the paper to the end shop of the cylinder smoothly, especially for those thin paper.



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