Hot Stamping Machine

ST055PE hot stamping machine is used for hot stamping on the finished hard case with PU, binding cloth, art paper, speciality paper material..etc with the high accuracy, the speed can be 3000pcs/h for improving the efficiency greatly. Compared with stamping on the single paper, stamping on the finished hard case can be with high quality without any air bubbles especially for the deboss and emboss process case. More importantly, ST055PE hot stamping machine operating is more safe compared with the traditional manual die-cutting machines.

Equipment Features

Hot Stamping Machine hardcover position device
Hardcover position device:
can make the hardcover position more precisely and improve the hardcover quality..maintenance efficiency
Hot Stamping Machine hardcover position device
Hardcover case feeding device:
Can be rotated at 90 °and suitable for the different case size stamping, saving the foils.
Hot Stamping Machine stamping mould device
Stamping mould device:
can change conveniently, thus saving the preparation time greatly.

Equipment Video

Production Flow Chart

Hot Stamping Machine production flow

Equipment Parameters

Hot Stamping Machine Parameter

· Overall size · 4100×2300×2100(mm)
· Speed · 10-60(pcs/min)
· Max stamping pressure · 35(T)
· Voltage · 380(V)
· Max working power · 4.5(Kw)
· Max electric heating power · 3.6(Kw)


Hot Stamping Machine Technology Parameter

· Max case size · 660×405(mm)
· Min case size · 170×100(mm)
· Stamping size · 420×355(mm)



1.The Max. and Min. sizes of the cases are subjected to the sizes and quality of the paper.
2.The speed of the machine depends on the sizes of the cases.
3. We don’t provide air compressor.


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