Visual Positioning Case Lining Machine

ST036L visual positioning case lining machine applicable for pasting the inside paper for the cigarette box, liquor box, comestic box, electronic box, sweet box..etc with the visual positioning system, it has adopted the high precision camera YAMAHA robotic arm accuract±0.1mm and the vertical suction feeding device can avoid the scratches, thus improving the product quality.

Equipment Features

Visual Positioning Case Lining Machine paper feeding device
Non-stop paper feeding device
Reduce the preparation time and improve the production efficiency.
Visual Positioning Case Lining Machine down suction feeding device
Down suction feeding device
Can avoid the scratches and improve the product quality.
Visual Positioning Case Lining Machine high precision camer vision
High precision camer vision
YAMAHA robotic arm positioning accuracy ±0,1mm.

Equipment Video

Production Flow Chart

Visual Positioning Case Lining Machine production flow

Equipment Parameters

Technology Parameter
Max case size 850x450mm
Min case size 120x180mm
Cardboard thickness 1-5mm
Paper thickness  100-250g/㎡
Accuracy ±0.1mm


Machine Parameter
Overall size  7500x2180x2100mm
Machine weight    3000kg
Voltage     380/220
Power   11kw
Speed 10-40pcs/min
Machine color  red grey



1. The Max. and Min. sizes of the cases are subjected to the sizes and quality of the paper.
2. The speed of the machine depends on the sizes of the cases.
3. We don’t provide air compressor.


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