New technology on ST015D digital casing-in machine

The fully-automatic casing-in machine, specially designed to produce hardcover book with lay-flat book block in small quantities, for example photo books, children book etc. ST015D have the large database, which can accommodate more than 10,000pcs order information. when getting the repeated order,

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Excellent Liquor Rigid Box Created by ST

Liquor is an indispensable drink on Chinese dining tables and is also favored by foreign friends. At the same time, the liquor box has become an important part of boutique packaging. the bottom plate of the liquor rigid box is a rectangle hardcover case The liquor box is also divided into several pa

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Postpress and Bookbinding Machine

Inspiring Your New Idea on Hot Stamping

The hot stamping process is a very common surface finishing process, which can transfer of gold, silver and other colors of electro-aluminum materials on the prints, so as to improve the surface of the prints. The traditional hot stamping machine are divided into two types, one is a hot stamping dev

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