The latest model ST036L Visual Positioning Case Lining Machine from ST

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During Print China 2021 at E1-031 we have displayed our latest launched model ST036L Visual positioning Case Lining Machine, which is widely applicable for cigarette box, liquor box, cosmetic box..etc, the stable production speed can be 1800-1500pcs/h, and the max lining size can be 850x450mm, which can match with our ST036 Series of case makng machine and would be your best choice for making the luxury packaging box.

positioning, the accuracy is within ±0.1mm, which can meet the high accuracy requirements and improve the customer satisfaction. Our displayed product quality has well proved this issue.Meanwhile, the machine has the intelligent control system with the quick make-reday and short set-up time.
Moreover,the non-stop paper feeding device can reduce the preparation time and improve the production efficiency.

Our newly-developed down suction feeding device can well avoid the case to be scracthed and improve the product quality.

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