Finished Hard Case Hot Foil Solution – ST055PE Automatic Hot Stamping Machine

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ST055PE Automatic Hot Stamping Machine has enjoyed great popularity among the hardcover book and stationery making factories.

hot stamping machine


ST055PE Automatic Hot Stamping Machine has been widely used in printing press such as hardcover books, periodicals, stationery packaging, etc. The stable speed can be 3000pcs/h. Therefore, it is very popular in large-volume book stationery factories. ST055PE Automatic Hot Stamping Machine can be used for hot stamping process, Debossing process, Embossing,deboss etc.

hot stamping machine application

Hot Stamping Solution for Books and stationery making customer

In November and December 2022, 2 sets of ST055PE Automatic Hot Stamping Machines have been installed in our book and stationery making customer in East China. The customer has been using 7 sets of semi-automatic hot foil stamping machine and 10 labors for running the machine and stacking before installing ST055PE automatic hot stamping machine, which is not efficient and labor-intensive. Therefore they have inquired about the machine with us to provide the solutions for them, which need to produce 60000 PCS certification book case with hot stamping process. After installing 1 set of our ST055PE, it will only require 1 operator at the stable speed of 3000pcs/h. Therefore the production speed has been greatly improved, with the great satisfaction they have installed another ST055PE without any hesitation in the second month.

hot stamping machine application

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