The inline new case overturning function on ST060H High-Speed Case Making Machine

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ST060H high speed case making machine

ST060H high speed case making machine/ hardcover machine has been widely applicabke for making the hardcover book, notebook, calendar production.

The unique pre-stacking device

The unique pre-stacking device can be automatically feeding the grey board, ensuring that the machine will be not required to stop when running at the high speed. Thus it can reduce the labor intensity and improve the production efficiency greatly.

The stable speed at 3000pcs/h

The stable speed can be 3000pcs/h, with the fully automatic format changing and quick set up as well as fast make ready system, it can meet the production requirements for the long run and short run jobs.

The unique Case Overturning Device

The new case overturning device can inline overturn the cases automatically on ST060H High Speed Case Making Machine, the production speed for 3000pcs/h willl need the efficient labor to do this job and the labor intensity is quite high, even taking lots of time. With the linline device it can solve the above problem and help to improve the production efficiency as well as reduce the labor intensity.

ST060H high speed case making machine

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