Why is Collapsible Rigid Box Becoming More and More Popular?

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The collapsible rigid box is one of rigid cardboard gift boxes, different from others, this kind of gift boxes is foldable when shipping, means flat shipping. It is structure improved over other rigid boxes, so the history of collapsible boxes (foldable boxes) is shorter than others. When customer’s order is big, it is a problem to store the boxes, some customer complain this with rigid box suppliers, then we suggest them use collapsible rigid boxes. After that, their retailers and wholesalers are happy to storage the gift packages.

Collapsible rigid boxes (foldable rigid boxes) come from duplex board or grey board, coat them with nice artpaper or specialty paperboard, makes it better to fit high-end luxury items for gifts. It is able to display products itself after getting them off-shelf.

Unfolded collapsible rigid gift box.

Folded collapsible rigid gift box.

Collapsible rigid boxes (foldable rigid boxes) is composed of three parts: one cover case and two side wings, the cover case is usually 5-piece case, duplex board or grey board coated with nice artpaper or special materials, it is normal job for the ST case making machine.

It is only difficult for the side wing making, side wing usually is made by 1 piece of strightangel boad and 4 piece of triangle board with different thickness, but sometimes, the side wing have some different changes, such as only 2 pieces of triangle boards with 1picece of strightangle board; or 4 pieces of triangle boards change to the much thinner card paper; or only 1 piece of board without triangle board, etc..

The side wing’s production is so complicated, used to be only made by manual, now can be made by ST case making machine automatically, please check the video, you will find ST case making machine product the side wing automaticlly in a high effiency.

And you will find that, ST case making machine not only can the side wing automatically, but also can fully fold the side wings, so no need to glue the inside paper, reduce a producing process to save time, and in the working process, ST case making machine can also strip the extra boards between the triangle boards at the same time, that means you will get perfect side-wing case by ST Case Making Machine at once.

From now on, collapsible rigid boxes (foldable rigid boxes) has been becoming the most popular rigid box packaging form, as the manufacturor of packaging, you deserve the solution of collapsible rigid boxes (foldable rigid boxes), from ST case making machine.

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