The machine can be matched with the automatic screen printing machine to be the new process production line integrating wrinkle、snowflake ink technology、UV coating、cold foiling process..etc.
(snowflake、wrinkle detonation function ) it has been equipped with the wrinkle and snowflake detonating UV tube, which can detonate and wrinkle the special craft inks such as wrinkle、snowflake and is suitable for the special craft effect embellishment of screen printing on packaging.
( UV curing function ) the UV transparent varnish is printed on the paper by the screen printing machine, the production line is equipped with 1* UV 8KWtube and 2*UV12KW tubes, which can dry and cure UV ink.
( Cold foil function )instead of the traditional hot-stamping by hot-pressing the stamping plate to transfer the process of the cold foil, using the screen printing machine to transfer the cold foil to the related place through the glue viscosity to achieve fine lines,precise gradient dots, color blocks and other metal decoration effect, it can also achieve the embossed and convex cold foiling by scraping the thick ink as well as the off set printing after the cold foil stamping

Equipment Parameters


Max working width1050x750mm
Min working width560x350mm
Conveying Speed800-4000pcs/h
Paper thickness157-450g
UV detonation power12KW
UV curing power35KW
Cold foil power30KW

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