ST is the Expert of Cosmeics Box Solutions

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More and more cosmetics choose the form of rigid box, such as highlighter pallette, eyeshadow pallette, make-up puff box, etc.. Some cosmetics boxes oftenly with mirrors and glass to add the goods value and functions.

As we all know, the difficults of making cosmetics box are the fragile mirror and glass, the small size of case, the thick and hard cover material with UV vanished and laminated, and the magnet and iron piece pasting, etc..

ST case making machine is the expert of make the small size of case, especially with mirrors or glass.

ST case lining machine can easily adhere the inner paper and paste the magnet and iron piece.

More and more demostics and overseas customers choose ST case making machine and case line machine to produce the cosmetics box, the stable speed of production is around 20 pcs/min.

In order to expand your scope of packaging business, it is time to invest ST case making machine and case lining machine.

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