SEHNGTU is professional on Round Corner Hardcover Case Making

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After ten years’ continuous innovation, ST Case Making Machine now has been developed as the expert of the round corner hardcover case making solution. Until now, the round corner solutions have been upgraded for the fifth generation, which can produce different radius for the round corners with easy adjustment, high quality and good efficiency.

Apart from the normal materials, ST Case Making Machine can produce the round corner case with different special materials, the cover material can be the PU, PP, cloth, leather, special paper, laminated paper, etc., and the board material can be the grey board, PVC board, MDF board, and even the board with sponge or corrugated board.

All these different specila materials for the round corner case can be made by ST Case Making Machine with high effiency and perfect quality. That will enlarge your business scope greatly, to meet the growing market demand of notebook, diary, perfect binding hardcover book, bible, children book, photo album, and lever arch file, etc.. 

As the inventor of round corner case making solution in China, SHENGTU has owned the national patent for more than ten years, and SHENGTU continues to innovate and upgrade for the round corner hardcover case making, according to the demand of market and the requirements of cutomers, the fifth generation of round corner hardcover case making solution let the round corner case’s edge more smooth and clear, the applicable range of materials more wider, and the case making production higher effiency and quantity.

Now the perfect round corner case making solution from SHENGTU, has been proved by hundreds of customes from more than 20 different countries.

SHENGTU, the expert of round corner hardcover case making, your smart choice.

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