NEW LAUNCH-ST040H Collapsible Box Wing and Case Making Machine

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The latest model ST040H Collapsible box wing and case making machine is the latest and first launched model in the market to be equipped with the wing making and case making function on one machine. It is widely used in the luxury packaging box industries. We have successfully displayed it at All In Print Shanghai from November 1st to 4th and received the very good response from our international customers.


  • Fast make ready time and quick set-up: the machine has the integrated wing and case making function by adopting the case board and wing board feeding device separately as well as using the common folding system.
  • High accuracy: the whole machine is equipped with the visual positioning system at the high accuracy of 0.25mm, thus it can meet the higher requirements of the production orders.
  • Fast speed: both the wing and case making speed can be up to 36pcs/min, which is the fastest model in the market for the integrated functions on one machine.
  • Unique gluing system: by adopting the advantages of the gluing way on our ST series case making machine, compared with the other machines in the market, it can glue more evenly and thinly especially for the cover with Spot UV, Embossing, Debossing, Stamping process..etc. Meanwhile the cold glue function can be optional as per your production requirements.
  • Unique wing board feeding device: the thinnest 300gsm triangle board can be feeding stably and ensuring the high production efficiency.
  • 2 pairs of rollers are adopted for pressing 3 times. Pressing the outside long strip edge and triangle edge tightly without any air bubbles..etc. Saving the next production process and improving the production efficiency..etc

If you are looking for an efficient solution for Collapsible boxes, then it will be your first choice.

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