Hungary customer produce boxes by ST Case Maker

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At Drupa 2016, ST machine has made the deep impression on European customers, even the customer from Hungary has confirmed SHENGTU ST036XL Automatic Hardcover Machine at the spot.

We have noticed that this customer installed the machine mainly for producing Samsung boxes, which are in big quantities and require the strict quality control. So how to make the Samsung box in the fast and efficient way? Finally they had made the wise choice and had chosen ST machine.

The Hungary customer produce Samsung boxes by ST Case Maker, which were made by hand before

As we all know, most of the packaging boxes have been made by hand before. In Eastern Europe, the rising labor costs have become the biggest obstacles in the printing and packaging industry, but the demands for luxury packaging is increased continuously. ST, the expert of packaging box and post-press solution provider has conquered the worldwide customers by its reliable service and strength

ST automatic Case Maker is the good choice for Hungary customer

With the user-friendly automatic operation, the operators can run the machine in the fast time. In Hungary customer’s factory, ST and the world famous printing equipment have made the great contribution to the world’s printing and packaging business.

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