Automatic Hardcover Machine from SHENGTU has won the praise of “2021/2022 Chinese Printing Users Equipment”

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On 21th February 2023, the “2023 Printing Entrepreneur Summit Forum” was grandly held in Tianjin, and Shengtu Machinery was invited to participate in this forum. At the same time the forum, the results of the praise of “2021/2022 Chinese Printing Equipment User Activity” initiated by the “Printing China” magazine were also grandly announced.

Among them, “ST060D Digital Hardcover Machine” from Guangdong Shengtu Intelligent Equipment Co., Ltd. won the praise of 2022 Chinese Printing user equipment. So did “ST036B R.Z-LONG R.Z-long Automatic Hardcover Machine.

User praise equipment

The praise of “Chinese Printing Equipment User Activity” was initiated by “Printing China” magazine aiming to discover more printing equipment with high production reliability and excellent operation for the industry, so as to promote and carry forward the innovative quality and craftsman spirit of the enterprises. This praise activity is carried out in the form of online voting, and the right to speak is given to the majority of users and industry experts. From the perspective of production and application experience, the good equipment in the hearts of users is selected, and then jointly promote the high-quality development of the industry.

ST Machinery - Chinese printing user praise equipment
Chinese printing User praise equipment

“ST060D Digital Hardcover Machine” has won the praise“2022 Chinese Printing user equipment.”

ST060D Digital Hardcover Machine

ST060D Digital hardcover machine

ST060D Digital Hardcover Machine is a digital, intelligent, automation equipment only requiring 5 minutes for the format change. The stable speed can be 50 pcs/min and the operation is easy for the operator. Also it has included the large database, ST060D digital hardcover machine can store the data automatically after production. Above all, it has the optional function for making the round corner books.

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