Still Using Paper Cutting Machine for Paperboard, You Need to Change the ST086 Paperboard Slitter

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If you are the manufacturer  of rigid box, hardcover book, notebook, diary, certificate, lever arch file, etc., if you still use the normal paper cutting machine to cut the paperboard, we think it has reduced the production efficiency and accuracy.

Paper board is so thick, using paper cutting machine will have the influence on the cutting blades, you need change them quite often, as the board is too thick and hard, it will easily have the bevel and rough edges, more importantly, the efficiency of paper cutting machine is very slow, different size and material cutting jobs will need more staff, machine and time will cause the loss to your business.

So, you need to think about changing a more professional machine for handling the paper board, ST086 Paper Board Slitter will be your absolutely smart choice.

ST086 Paper Board Slitter using the rotary blades to slit the paper board, whatever the thickness of paper board, just put it into the roller, the board will be easily to slit into different sizes of pieces, depend on the width you have set before.

The blade is very easy to adjust, just use screwdriver to lose the fixing screw on the blade, then use the measure scale to adjust the position of blade on the roller.

ST086 Paper Board Slitter using two-step operation for the paperboard slitting, first put the paper board into the roller by hand, then collect the small piece on the working table, the pusher will send the small piece automatically, then slit to the size what you want. Very easy to operate, slitting the board on the high efficiency, and avoid the possible danger on the process of operation.

The paper board slit by ST086 Paper Board Slitter has smooth kerf, high precision size, and no rough edge, whatever the quality and the quantity of the paper board you have, just use ST086 Paper Board Slitter, mostly need 2 stuff can finish the paper board slitting job efficiently, and ST086 Paper Board Slitter is not only used to slit the grey board, but also can be used to slit the corrugated board, or the board with the sponge and other materials.

ST086 Paper Board Slitter, its quality and functions have been recognized by customers from dozens of countries since 2015, ST has the complete customer service, you will be no worries after you own our machine.

It is time for you to choose the ST086 Paper Board Slitter for your business.

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